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Find an accessible short-term rental

Becoming rentABLE is excited to be part of the first Expedia Group Open World Accelerator Program

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Changing the way we look at accessible short-term (vacation) rental properties!

Becoming rentABLE was founded in 2021, after years of struggling to find accessible short-term rental properties. To have an accessible property means that there are no barriers to entry for anyone; an elderly relative, a family member with a physical disability or a friend who has been temporarily disabled. Each would have access to something that everyone should have access to: a place where memories can be made and a chance to live their best life.



We understand there is no one size fits all when it comes to accessibility. Disabilities come in all shapes and sizes. While wheelchair accessibility is talked about the most, we have expanded our efforts to include mobility, cognitive, hearing, vision and aging accessibility. We offer 36 filters, so you can customize your own needs and find the best property for you and your family.

Luxury Beach House

"Becoming rentABLE is something that has been needed in our industry for way too long and I couldn't be more excited to see Lorraine and her team make this a reality. As an industry professional who has siblings and close family members with Down Syndrome, Autism and Cerebral Palsy, I want to see more operators, OTA's, and others in the industry follow suit with this as a standard practice as it should've been a long time ago. The power of hospitality is that we all come together for a greater purpose and this is a great purpose to get behind."

Wil Slickers
Founder of Hospitality.FM
Co-Founder & COO at Recreation Rentals

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