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Tiffs Place, 4 Bed/4.5 Bath, Fully Accessible





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Hard-surface Flooring, Wheel-under Counter/Table, Adjustable Bed, Chair, Roll-in, Shower Grab Bars, Handheld Shower Head, Wheel-under Bathroom Sink, Accessible Mirror, 36, Wheelchair-van Parking, Lever Door Handles, Wheelchair Access Oven, Hard-surface Driveway, Hoyer Lift, Wheel-under KItchen Sink

Area rugs throughout.Bedroom has device that allows free mobility from a wheelchair into a bed or into the bath/shower without requiring further assistance (ceiling hoist). The kitchen has a spectacularly modern set up that allows the sink, stove and cabinets to be raised and lowered to a height that works for anyone as well as an oven door that can be rolled under the oven when opened. Automated wheelchair access doors

Tiffs Place, 4 Bed/4.5 Bath, Fully Accessible