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The Advantages of Having a Becoming rentABLE Certification

There are more than 62 million Americans living with disabilities with a disposable income of more than $21 billion, and this demographic is currently underserved in the short-term rental industry. Since its inception, #BecomingRentABLE has been at the forefront of changing this. We want to assist short-term rental property owners and property management companies in making their units more #accessible, and we want to make it easy for those in the #disability community to find the rental accommodations they need.

That’s why Becoming rentABLE has developed an #accessibleshorttermrental certification process. Our certification assists property owners and rental management companies position their properties in the best possible light to attract a larger customer base and makes it easy for potential renters to locate vetted and certified accessible short-term rentals.

The #certification process consists of accessibility experts at Becoming rentABLE professionally reviewing and verifying a property’s accessibility, critically looking at specific features necessary for accommodating those with mobility, vision, hearing, intellectual or developmental disabilities, and those on the autism spectrum. Oftentimes, our experts find #accessibility features the property owner didn’t realize they had. We look at all issues of accommodation across a broad range of needs, go into the depths of those needs, and make it convenient for travelers to find properties with accommodations suitable to address their needs. Once our experts have vetted accessibility, we award certification. We also assist the property owner or manager in addressing the property’s description and photos on their booking platform to make sure they are including all accessibility features in a front-facing manner for potential renters to easily identify.

The advantages in securing a Becoming rentABLE Certification are:

  • Third party, unbiased, professional validation of your property as accessible.

  • Accuracy and augmentation in your property listings to attract a new, large customer base which presently is being underserved.

  • Increased confidence in the impact of your listing

  • Establishment of a reputation of social responsibility, respect from clients and industry leaders.

  • Enhanced marketability of your property, especially to an underserved demographic.

  • Increased visibility of your property listing through certification badging and search filters.

  • Increased bookings of your property.

  • Increased likelihood of return bookings.

There are also many advantages to renters:

  • Ease in finding an accessible property in a filtered search.

  • Third party unbiased professional validation that your property is accessible.

  • Confidence that booking your property will meet their accommodation needs.

  • Positive booking experience.

  • Increased likelihood to return for future bookings.

The advantages are clear, and we believe in the near future our certification will be a value-added feature renters specifically seek just as they do now for free parking, free wi-fi, and breakfast included.

The first step of the certification process is to have your property evaluated by Becoming rentABLE. This is easy and inexpensive! There is a simple 'Evaluate My Property' form online,

After your property evaluation, Becoming rentABLE will send you a certification link if your property qualifies. It's that easy and will benefit so many people!

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