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10 Ways to Increase Accessibility in Your Short-Term Rental Property

More than 26% of Americans have a disability and the aging population is growing fast. Becoming rentABLE believes the path to accessible short-term rentals begins with awareness of the needs of the disability and aging communities along with the nature of accessible property amenities.

By taking the time to check features in your short-term rental, like the ten items listed below, we can get one step closer to accessibility.

#1 - Door Width

Door width is important to measure so renters know if they can access your property or not. Regardless of door width, add the measurement to the description.

#2 - Elevator

If you have an elevator, make sure you mention it in your description so renters know it is available.

#3 - Shower Photo

If you have a shower curtain, pull it back before taking photos. Renters want to see if they can access your shower.

#4 - Night Lights

Everyone can benefit from a night light, especially in a property they are visiting for the first time.

#5 - Outdoor Path

Make sure you cut back any bushes near exterior pathways around your property.

#6 - Odor Free

Using odor free cleaning supplies is important to a number of people. Make sure to include that in your description.

#7 - Alarm System

If you have an alarm system include information about it in your description.

#8 - Portable Ramp

Wherever you have a 2+ inch threshold, include a portable ramp.

#9 - Outlet by Bed

If you are building or renovating your property, consider putting an electrical/USB outlet reachable from bed.

#10 - Space Under Bed

Measure the space under your bed and list it in your description so renters know if they can use their hoyer lift.

Remember, making your short-term rental accessible is not only good for those with a disability; it’s good business for you.

If you want to find out more about information about accessible short-term rentals or have a property you would like evaluated for accessibility, visit

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