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Becoming rentABLE Certification

Thank you for giving Becoming rentABLE the opportunity to evaluate your short-term rental for accessibility certification. Our certification will capture and validate which accessibility features we are able to confirm are present in your property and which may need further action for confirmation. Becoming rentABLE will certify if your property is accessible for a Wheelchair, Walker, Hearing, Vision or Autism/IDD Certification. 


A certification does not mean you have specific features present in your home. It means we are validating what accessible features you DO have and certifying they are what you say they are. Because accessibility is not a one-size-fits all, we treat our certifications the same way. We may have a wheelchair certified property that has 10 features while another one has 15. The benefit of a certification is knowing that a property’s accessible features have been validated and verified. Then renters have the ability to pick and choose features they want to find the properties that work for their specific individual needs, all while knowing a 3rd party has confirmed the accessibility. 


Beyond evaluating your property for accessibility, we will review your listing description and identify which accessibility features need to be added to your property description or shown in listing photographs. We will also indicate which category/categories of accessibility certification we might be able to approve, if any, with the information provided.


Becoming rentABLE evaluates your property and the property listing, and provides feedback, and improvement suggestions where appropriate, all for a flat rate of $300.


With a Becoming rentABLE certification, prospective renters will know your property's accessible features are validated and will have greater assurance your property is a good fit for their stay. 


What if you just aren’t sure if your property is accessible, or don’t have time to go through a checklist or don’t really understand what features make an accessible property? We are happy to evaluate your property for accessibility to save you time and make the process easier for you. There is a $50 fee per property, which will go towards your $300 certification fee if your property is certifiable. If your property is not certifiable right now, we will give you tips to help make your property more accessible. Contact us if you are interested.