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Becoming rentABLE Certification

Thank you for giving Becoming rentABLE the opportunity to evaluate your short-term rental for accessibility certification. Our certification will capture and validate which accessibility features we are able to confirm are present in your property and which may need further action for confirmation. Becoming rentABLE will certify if your property is accessible for a Wheelchair, Walker, Hearing, Vision or Autism/IDD Certification. 


Beyond evaluating your property for accessibility, we will review your listing description and identify which accessibility features need to be added to your property description or shown in listing photographs. We will also indicate which category/categories of accessibility certification we might be able to approve, if any, with the information provided.


With a Becoming rentABLE certification, prospective renters will know your property's accessible features are validated and will have greater assurance your property is a good fit for their stay. 

2022 Certification Fee:

Evaluation/Certification - $300 per property