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Able Eyes provides virtual walk-thru tours of the inside of public spaces such as: parks, museums, hotels, restaurants, retail businesses, and more for the purpose of accessibility (helping people) and marketing (helping businesses).

Virtual tours allow customers of all abilities an opportunity to explore beforehand to decrease anxiety, but more importantly is a tool used by persons with disabilities to explore accessibility beforehand, making new experiences more comfortable and easily navigated.

***Able Eyes is not a rating tool or compliance assessment. This virtual tool is to help people make decisions and have wonderful experiences based on his/her own needs.

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Touch Stay digital guidebooks are the brainchild of Andy McNulty and Joe Jones – two serial travelers who kept on encountering the same issue over and over again: an absence of clear communication with their rental accommodation hosts.

After realizing that they shared the same frustrations, they vowed to solve the problem together – and in 2014 Touch Stay was born.

Designed to help any type of hospitality professional better communicate with their guests, Touch Stay has gone on to become the highlight of guest reviews worldwide. It’s been cited as a reason for repeat bookings, longer stays and most importantly – happier guests.


Safety, Security, Confidence and Freedom- The Perfect Lift is a lightweight portable lift that is designed to allow 2-6 individuals to comfortably and quickly transport or move another individual regardless of their situation. It is water resistant, holds up to 300 pounds, and less than one pound makes it easy to fold up and carry with you on the go!

Travel- Great for traveling, no more expensive medical equipment rentals.

Emergency Situations- Always happen when you least expect them. Make sure to be prepared with the Perfect Lift should you ever find yourself in an emergency, evacuation, rescue, natural disaster, and more.

Recreational Activities- Give back freedom and independence to individuals in adaptive sports, swimming.

Assisted Living- Caregiving is not always easy especially when it comes to lifting individuals.

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Peggy Cauthen and Cathy Foster are not only the owners of JP Healthcare Solutions but they are also sisters and registered nurses with over 35 years of combined experience in the Healthcare Industry. They understand the special challenges that arise with caring for a patient or loved one in the home. Through that experience, along with their extensive nursing background, their flagship product, the EZ Lift Vest was created.  

The EZ Lift Vest is a patented design and has undergone successful feasibility studies in Adult Day Care Centers, Assisted Living Facilities, Rehabilitation Facilities and private home settings.  The EZ Lift Vest is designed by healthcare professionals to improve mobility and stability for the patient and caregiver during repetitive patient transfer maneuvers and those at risk for unintentional falls.


Adult Bibs - Dine in Style fashionable clothing protectors were designed for the convenience of providing full coverage protection from spills and stains while eating. The Dine in Style Adult Bibs are sassy and classy and can be worn every day at home during meal times, outings to a restaurant or traveling by car. You and your loved ones can look and feel your best no matter the occasion. The EZ wipe and wear, water-resistant, fabric is machine washable and can be reused over and over again.