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The Story

behind Becoming rentABLE

After 20 years of frustration, with very limited vacation options, Lorraine Woodward's family of four, three of whom have mobility issues due to muscular dystrophy, took it upon themselves to create their own accessible property. In 2014, Lorraine’s "A Place of No Worries" was realized. Their fully accessible property was not only a way to meet their own family vacation needs, but also a way to serve as an investment property that could be a resource for other families who needed the same accessibility features/needs.

Through the years, Lorraine has seen the real need for an accessible property each time she talked to her renters, many of whom haven't had the ability to vacation, due to lack of access, until they found her accessible rental. That's when the idea for Becoming rentABLE came alive. Lorraine saw the change she made with one property, but wanted everyone to have the same access in the rental market. Becoming rentABLE strives to bring visibility to the need for accessible, short-term rentals for people with mobility, vision, hearing, intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and for individuals on the autism spectrum through education about accessible design, construction, and renovation.

"Everyone deserves a chance to go on a vacation and make memories with their family!"


Just a few of the many messages from renters:

"I am booking two separate stays, way in advance, because it’s not easy to find handicapped accessible vacation venues at the beach! Your place is a gold mine and my kids will be so excited to be there."

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