Meet Our               Team


We are unique! Our Becoming rentABLE team works for as volunteers. We ALL believe in the work we are doing so much that we give our time and expertise when we can. We pull together people with different skill sets and we learn (thank you YouTube and other online tutorials) the things we don't know. Some volunteers stay and some pop in just long enough for their part of the project. We are thankful for each one of them and their role in making Becoming rentABLE successful.


Lorraine Woodward

Creative Energy Officer and Founder

Front person for Becoming rentABLE, guides the entire team with creative ideas that will positively impact the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

Lorraine maintains a hectic and busy schedule as a wife, mother, volunteer, artist, accessible rental property host and ultimate Duke basketball fan. She finds joy by hanging out with her family,  thrifting with her friends, staying at her beach house,  listening to music and being an unofficial ice cream connoisseur. 


Robert Woodward

Chief of all things Technical and Operational

Provides technology insight, input and sometimes execution. Same goes for the business operations side of the house. 

Robert brings two decades of technology and business operations leadership to bear on all the not-so-fun things necessary to keep a business running including  information technology, cyber security, facilities, regulatory compliance and other operational areas. He has held leadership rolls in Fortune 50 companies to SMBs. When he not focused on Becoming RentABLE, he’s out securing companies from cyber attacks.  When he finally has free time, it’s spent gardening, working out and with family.


Jennifer Springer

Chief of Optimism 

Collaborates with the CEO to help drive organizational vision and strategy.

Creative designer and happy procrastinator that loves to be there for other people. ASU graduate, wife, mom of 3 who loves to cook (despite being born without a sense of smell), lives daily with anxiety and wants to make things look pretty (even her kids projects).  Non-negotiables are honesty, great deals, an amazing glass of wine and chocolate with peanut butter. 


Tina Bright

Queen of Action

Research expert who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, including seeing a need for a beach wheelchair and raising money to get one!

Tina has a degree in Accounting, is a homeschool mom and likes trying new projects. She also helps with her family business selling homemade goods. Tina was injured and had a spinal cord injury 22 years ago, but that doesn't stop her. She is thankful for the opportunity to help other people.


Alexander Woodward

Copy Editor King

Assists with writing and editing as well as technical support issues.

Alex is the son of Becoming rentABLE creator Lorraine Woodward, who both have Muscular Dystrophy. He is currently obtaining a degree from North Carolina State University in Design Studies. 

Larry Tambone.jpg

Larry Tambone

Creator of Opportunities

Business development and product sponsors.

Recently retired from the Food Service industry and passionate about helping our new neighbor, friend and fellow artisan (Lorraine) build a network of truly “fully” accessible short term rental properties. So people with disabilities and their families can find and enjoy vacation properties, that have all the comforts of home.

iusa_400x400.72468475_aa08 (1).jpg

David Flake

Practicality Guru

Writes blogs and educational pieces and is team lead for the Travel and Tourism Industry.

David is an HR professional, father, musician, chef, problem solver, aficionado of all things vintage, and a native Arkansan with a degree in Psychology and more than 30 years’ experience in Human Resources Management specializing in strategic planning, policy development, and employment law.  David resides in North Little Rock, AR, where he spends his time among family and friends enjoying the comforts of life as a handsome rock and roll drummer.  

Dee headshot.jpg

Dee Blake

Business Development Coordinator

Identifies and establishes communication between Becoming rentABLE and funding sources. She's always trying to close the deal!

Dee graduated from University of Hawaii and started in television in Master Control. She made her way through non-profit sector and is a planned giving specialist. She is volunteers for cat rescue groups, fosters cats and has 3 cats of her own.


Paul Vail

Support Strategist

Provides technology support and strategies.

Paul is an unabashed geek, degreed in Biochemistry (Go Hokies) that he happily applies to home brewing beer. Paul has been providing IT support since 1986, from board-level repairs to programming, tutoring to system admin and web work. He shares a passion for sailing, long-distance hiking, and a menagerie of pets his daughters and wife bring home. From pushing brooms to company management, Paul enjoys it all.

Karen Barbour.jpg

Karen Barbour

Real Estate Broker Extraordinaire

Guiding us in our certification program.

Karen’s mission as a Realtor since 2007 has been to serve the WHOLE disability and “aging place” communities. She come to this with grace and passion. She grew up with a deaf sister ( thus she is fluent in ASL) and her youngest son has autism. After working in the non-profit world serving the disability community, Karen wanted to stay connected and be of service to that community as a Realtor. After being a traditional landlord for many years, she has now been a Super Host with Airbnb for over 5 yrs. She and her husband have 4 properties that she manages. In her spare time she love to garden, travel and stay at Airbnbs!


Susan Beasley

Fundraiser Extraordinaire

Leading our fundraising efforts for The Little Yellow House in Conway, Arkansas.


Colby Thompson

The Little Yellow House Filmer

Filming the progress of The Little Yellow House in Conway, Arkansas.

Colby is a current high school senior and is the son of Niki Thompson the contractor at the little yellow house.


Emma Kate Springer

Junior Research Investigator

Gathers important information through online researching.

Emma Kate is a high school junior and the daughter of Jennifer Springer, Becoming rentABLE's Social Designer. She is looking forward to heading off to college in another year. In the meantime, she fills her time running a pet/baby sitting small business, tap dancing for a competitive dance team and being active with her friends. 

Valerie headshot.jpg

Valerie Venable

Patron Saint of Video Art

Guides us in the creation of what it takes to create a tv show.


Valerie is a graduate of Indiana University and has spent the last 45 years shooting, editing and producing all things video. She is a lover of the outdoors and any sport/activity that puts her on or near the water. She is Mom to her NC State graduate, Chance and her dog, Dixie. She earned two NATAS Emmy’s while working in Miami and volunteers with Partners Read at Powell Elementary. 


Kelsey Viscount

Harvard Rockstar

Created our Business Plan and conducted research and implementation for our survey efforts.

Received her undergrad from UNC Asheville and her Masters from Harvard. Currently, she is completing her PhD at Harvard. She is an active dog mom helping to raise money to improve the local dog park at Carolina Beach.